Eric Hart Design


Coke & The United Nations: My World Global Survey

Summary - Facebook posts promoting Coke’s partnership with The United Nations My World Global Survey.

What it is - This global survey asks participants to choose their priorities for a better world. Results are shared with world leaders to set the next global development agenda. Results will feed into the development of UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Coke will align and contribute toward all 17 final SDGs and will view the SDGs as an important framework to guide collective action in solving systemic global challenges.

How it works - All links from these Facebook posts drive to the survey website where anyone can voice their opinion on what they believe are the most critical issues the world faces.

My role - Art direction, choosing the quotes, layout, design.

Coke Sharing Machine banner ad

Summary - Banner ad promoting Coke’s “Epic Coke Sharing Rube Goldberg Machine” with iJustine on YouTube.

What it is - Coke asked iJustine to come up with the most outrageous way to share a Coke as part of Coke’s “Share a Coke” campaign. She came up with the “Epic Coke Sharing Rube Goldberg Machine.”

How it works - All clicks from this banner drive to Coke’s YouTube page with the “Epic Coke Sharing Rube Goldberg Machine” video autoplaying at the top.

My role - Concept, art direction, storyboarding, design.


Coke & Walmart: A Summer to Remember

Summary - Facebook posts promoting Coke’s “Summer to Remember” campaign; a partnership with Walmart.

What it is - The “Summer to Remember” campaign was a multi-prong campaign focused on getting Moms to shop for more Coke at Walmart during the summer.

How it works - Shoppers following Walmart’s Facebook page would see these rebus puzzles and redeem the answer to the puzzle for free MyCoke Rewards points at

My role - Concept, art direction, sketching, layout, design.

Coke & Tumblr: #ReblogHappiness

Summary - Tumblr content for Coke’s Tumblr blog.

What it is - “Happiness is…” is the name of Coke’s Tumblr blog for their teen audience. It embodies the idea that there are opportunities everyday to find a moment to recognize life’s simple pleasures. “#ReblogHappiness” was unique content created for the blog. 

How it works - The “#ReblogHappiness” contents were triptychs made of original Coke content posts and reblog posts from random Tumblr users. The Coke content posts would be sandwiched between two seemingly disparate reblog posts and would tie the three posts together into a story; an example of Coke bringing people and ideas together.

My role - Concept, art direction, sketching, layout, design.

Tumblr posts

Animated GIFs

Ekocycle: Sustain Out Loud

Summary - Landing page inside of Coke’s Ekocycle Facebook page promoting their “Sustain Out Loud” campaign. 

What it is - Ekocycle is Coke’s brand initiative to encourage sustainable consumer behavior through lifestyle products made from partially recycled material. It strives to educate consumers about everyday recycling choices and empower their purchasing decisions as part of a social change movement. “Sustain Out Loud” was a campaign to encourage people to showcase the things in their lives that are made of recycled material for a chance to win a trip with to Fashion Week.

How it works - People on this Facebook landing page can upload images of themselves for a chance to win, click through to the site for more info, or view video content.

My role - Art direction, sketching, layout, design.


Social media content

Summary - Various social media content for Coke’s Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, YouTube and Pinterest pages. 

My role - Concept, art direction, sketching, layout, design.