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RegionUP: Mobile web experience

Summary - Mobile web experience for an employment search tool called RegionUP.

What it is - RegionUP is an employment search tool for executive and senior level business professionals seeking jobs throughout Asia. I was tasked with taking RegionUP’s desktop web experience and translating it to mobile web.

How it works - This mobile web experience takes users through all the main functions of the desktop experience, including: signing in, job search, recruiter search, reading and sending messages, viewing job rankings, and purchasing RegionUP Premium.

My role - Research, strategy, wireframing, UI/UX, prototyping, design, bug testing.

Where to get it - On a mobile device,


-Increase the percentage of users accessing RegionUP via mobile device.


-Percentage of users accessing RegionUP via mobile device.


% of users accessing RegionUP via mobile device

375% increase


Translating “My Page” to mobile web

After logging in, the first page that RegionUP users land on is the My Page. It acts as a hub for most functions RegionUP offers such as searching for jobs and recruiters. Thinking ahead to what would be the mobile web version of My Page, the desktop version seemed bogged down with text and lists making the page really long and difficult to scan through. And with it being chock-full of links to detail pages, landing pages, etc., it would be overwhelming to navigate on mobile devices. These are things that I needed to figure out how to avoid in the mobile web version.

Trimming My Page down to its most important parts was the key to overcoming these issues. On mobile web, I was able to present My Page in a more simplified way, but still retain its function as a hub. I took away the lists, condensed links into the hamburger menu, and set all the most essential functions front and center. With user data in hand I was able to justify which functions were the most important to retain and which functions would be moved to another location. Time being an especially valuable resource to mobile device users on the go, I decided it was appropriate to take an iconographic approach to displaying the main functions. The less reading a user has to do, the quicker a user can make a decision and act. Although the translation of the My Page to mobile web resulted in a very different looking page, distilling My Page to its essence helped drive a three-hundred seventy-five percent increase in users accessing RegionUP via mobile device.

Desktop web My Page

Mobile web My Page