Eric Hart Design

Snookums Cat Food

Product packaging

Summary - Canned and boxed product packaging for Snookums Cat Food.

What it is - Snookums is a cat food for cats with chutzpah; cats that are rough, tough and have had enough of your negligent and embarrassing, human behavior. Snookums differentiates itself from competitors using a unique "un-sugarcoated" portrayal of cats, channelling frustrations felt by cats worldwide and the guilt and flaws of their human masters.

How it works - The canned wet food opens with a metal pull tab from the top as is usual. The boxed dry food opens with a corrugated card stock pull tab on the cats paw that tears downward. Inside are individually wrapped, measured servings of dry food.

My role - Concept, art direction, prototyping, design, fabrication.

Snookums canned wet food

Point of purchase display

Summary - A point of purchase display for the Snookums canned food product.

How it works - The display sits on already existing shelving units in stores and features marketing material to catch a shopper’s eye, offer supporting info, and differentiate Snookums from its competitors. The display is wide enough to feature all four flavors of Snookums canned cat food.

My role - Concept, art direction, prototyping, design, fabrication.

Print advertising

Summary - Print advertising for Snookums cat food

How it works - The guerrilla ad is disguised as a lost cat flyer. The “lost cat” only responds to Snookums brand cat food so, the bottom portion of the flyer is made up of $0.25 off coupons for Snookums. The number on the flyer calls the “owner” which is an automated voice system that tells you ridiculous details about the “lost cat”, gives info about the Snookums brand and allows people to buy Snookums cat food via credit card.

My role - Concept, art direction, layout, design.

Magazine ads

Guerilla ad